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inside his shop and all of the doors found locked. and the storm makes it's y fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. take a look outside. lots of blue skies. showers not breaking up the heat. temperatures back up into the 90s. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. before the forecast though, if work, we are here to help you land that job. we have a panel of experts on hand this morning for inside tips on everything from getting your resume together, to what to wear to that all-important interview and how to make the most of your time when you meet a potential employer. the number to call is on your screen. it's 202-895-3307. again that number 202-589-3307.
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we're also holding a web chat on and this morning d.c. public school students have less than a week before they head back to class. are the schools ready for the students? we'll get it all when school chancellor michelle rhee joins us in about 30 minutes. and more on the controversy surrounding michael vick. after do time -- doing time for dogfighting, we'll get more insight on what is ahead for vick as we're joined by the humane society president and ceo in the 8:00 hour. and we'll start by troping the -- tracking the tropics. and bill has grown into a category 4 storm overnight. it could pose a threat to bermuda over the next couple of days and forecasters say those along the u.s. coast may see
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some wave swells and rip currents in areas. and in our area, a large tree fell through the penn southern apartment homes, leaving a 6 by 6-foot gaping hole. two families will need a new place to stay but the good news is no one was hurt. we'll check in with tucker now. and the good news for bill is he's anti-social. >> he doesn't like land. he's become powerful overnight. maximum winds of 130 miles per hour and gusts to 150 miles per hour. category four at 60 miles per hour. and this storm likely to remain very intense over the next couple of days ave llrei informion on lbi coming up in a few minutes. s letcst' oh wieaurto. th w wed ans have some ormsofst o own move through ovd thundersto
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generally the ffeoac. stth there is still a few lingering showers toward ocean city, and toward the beaches. wake up morning will sunny here but the clouds quickly move in and we have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast this afternoon. temperatures, you're not going to believe this, it's still in the upper s. 77 degrees at reagan national. humidity is way up there, 82%. it is going to be very tropical around here today and very humid throughout the day and i suggest you bring along an umbrella as we have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. here is your forecast. plenty of clouds out there. mostly cloudy by afternoon and scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms return. high temperature just a little cooler than yesterday, about 90 degrees. i'll have more deils on bill and our forecast coming up. let's get to on-time traffic and that means julie wright. >> it does mean me. southbound 95, 295 out of laurel, all lanes are open. the outer loop slowing leaving 95 average georgia avenue. delays on the beltway, leaving
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van dorn toward its long-term project at telegraph road part of the wilson bridge road as they narrow the lanes down toward telegraph road. traffic is slowing into the sunshine and into the work zone from the springfield interchange toward telegraph road. once you get past telegraph road, the pace improves heading toward the wilson bridge. 395 jacks up duke street. at great seneca highway, heads up toward the gateway shopping center and the drink more water station and the burger king, checking in this area for a accident. we'll keep you posted in the next report. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. new this morning, it was a move to save jobs and save one county millio of dollars but it may have backfired. >> we have learned a judge to
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furlough employees unconstitutional. what does this mean for the workers? sarah. >> reporter: the judge said prince george's county violated the constitution by imposing the furloughs. this is according to the washington post. the decision to furlough workers may end up forcing the county to repay millions of dollars in back wages. the judge ruled the county violed a contract by turning to furloughs. according to the washington post, the county plans to appeal the ruling. it will now lead to massive layoffs. county was trying to save jobs, including police and firefighters, but in his ruling, the judge said there could have been other ways that they could have found to trim the budget during this tough economic crisis. now several unions actually filed this suit and say they are obviously pleased with the
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outcome at this point. but as you heard, the county is looking at possibly having to impose massive layoffs because of this. at this point we have ten days in which they have to go back and forth and come back before the judge to see what kind of decision they can come up with, what kind of agreement. but as you know, steve and allison, there have been other companies during this economic downturn that have also imposed furloughs but the judge made it known in his ruling, it was not -- its with just specific to prince george's county and not talking about the overall legality of furloughs. steve and allison. >> thank you, sarah. the entire state is battling. alley is -- working with the board of public works and says many can
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see local affects, including communities and budgets for roads. and the governor is expected to announce plans to cut another $1.3 million in state spending. it will be the fourth time that the governor has had to scale back spending since last year. he will make the announcement today at a gathering at richmond for a special election. they are following a new law for prosecutors that must require forensic examinations. the police are helping the public will help them solve a murder. a piece shop owner was found dead in his shop in northeast. the victim's brother and co owner showed up at the 24 hour police and called police because the doors were locked.
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once inside, officers found the body of 44-year-old saw hannah budda. >> they did make entry and find an adult male who appears to be suffering from some sort of trauma. >> homicide detectives are trying to figure out how he died and who was responsible and why the doors of an around the clock business were locked. an international swine flu conference begins today. the health and human services department is expected to release new guidelines on businesses on how to deal with the pandemic. the virus appears to be as deadly as the seasonal flu but it affects younger people. the world health organization predicts up to 2 billion people will eventually be infected. more concerns being raised about the hpv vaccine gardasil. girls have received the vaccine seen in this video from the
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journal of the american medical association. more than 12,000 side affect have been reported. nearly 800 classified as serious and 32 people who were given the vaccine have died. it's still unclear if the deaths were directly linked to the vaccine. the most common side affects have included fainting, dizziness and nausea. the political world is saying farewell to robert novak, who died yesterday at his d.c. home after brain cancer. he rose to fame with his column inside report and appearances on shows like cross fire and capital gang. he was thrust into the spotlight for revealing c.i.a. operative valerie plain. he was 78 years old. the time is 9 minutes after the hour. and schools start next monday. >> are the schools ready to go? and what do students need to know before they can go back into the classroom. we'll sort that out when we sit
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down with michelle rhee coming up. and a reminder that -- fox 5 wis pelh help you whita job search. call 202-895-3307gr o to and join in on an ngoing web t.cha you can look at job postings across the area under the job shop link at the top of the home page. an (announcer) it's time to raise the bar
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welcome back. 7:00 some right now. -- 7:13 right now. that is a look from our tower
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cam. a look at the haze. >> not bad. >> i felt like i was waking up in -- it felt like a sauna. when i went outside, i heard gurvir was going to walk. no way. i'll be right in the studio. >> very steamy out there. >> it is. >> and the forecast here will be a continuation from yesterday. more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and guess what, lo arelleumidit was let's start with a look at our sallite radar this morning and you can see the showers and thunderstorms moved through last night have departed to the east now. still some lingering cloud cover down toward the beahes band here in ashington we're nswingp ar pthtial u nehi utotht o st twetie sunshine. but out to the west, the showers are starting to re inrgviia. west this is all of the remnants of claudette. so iain this very tropical atmosphere, we're expecting showers anthunderstorms to iire up later ond this is ftun.oo and this is uey never ey n edcooled off overnight. 77 at reagan national. we've been there all morning
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long. 76 in new york. 76 in boston. 78 in cape hatteras. very tropical out there and very humid air mass and our high temperature today will pop out in the upper 80s to about 90. it was 92 in washington. afternoon showers and thunderstorms later today, and thursday, friday and saturday more of the same. but sunday, if you like the cool, dry stuff, much drier air will come in and our temperatures will be back in the middle 80s. and let's back to julie wright, who never has a bad hair day. >> only when i wake up in the morning and it's going six ways to sunday. we're checking out the ride around town. the top stretch of the beltway leaving 95 college park toward silver spring. southbound 270, behind me also on the break, unfortunately for those working out of hyattstown headed down toward the truck scales. and the lanes are open with no incidents to report. the ride along 28 and great
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seneca highway and we found the broken down car at medical center drive at the entrance for the hospital and it's cleaned up and out of your way. the live shot at 395 and duke street and all lanes are open and no incidents to report toward seminary road. kenilworth avenue at east capital street, callers tell me the incident in the roadway has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. julie, thank you. this morning we are trying to help you land that job. until 9:00 this morning, you can either call or join a web chat for tips from the fox 5 job shop. we'll have more from the web in just a moment. but first we are joined by gurvir with more from the phone bank. >> this is fantastic. the phone have not stopped ringing. carolyn thompson is taking a
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quick break for us. he's an executive recruiter with cmcs professional recruiting center. and what kind of questions have you been getting. >> questions to ask in an interview. and they say what questions do you have for me. and i tell people where you are going in the job and the last projects you've had in the last couple of months and what might sell you into the job is one step. >> and i talked with kathleen who said there are jobs out there. don't buy into the hype there are no jobs. >> absolutely. >> your company, you do a little bit of everything. >> we do. we work primarily with degreed individuals and higher. we get a few lower clerical jobs but for the most part people are calling us to look for degrees, whether that's an
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i.t. professional. >> and tell me what that is. >> this week we have 30 new positions and long-term contracts for companies that aren't yet ready to make a permanent commitment to somebody long-term, they want to date around before they make a commitment long-term. so we're looking at people entry level through the executive level. >> you have got several books and have written several books, including 10 steps to finding the perfect job. if you had to give your top three tips, what would they be? >> identify what you love to do so find a job involving that. so that is the number one mistake people make, is that they create a resume that has everything they've done on it i they love to do. so carry that forward and make sures that upfront and foremost and google search those type of things. people in one company might call forecasting budgeting and vice versa, so think about the
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key words and how that relates to the job searching and you'll find positions. and network. 80% of people get their jobs through network. >> and you talk to somebody who says i have a friend who -- and network out there. yes. >> thank you. go ahead and get back to the phones. and we have a web chat going on and our website is a great resource for people looking for work. steve is downstairs in the web center for that. >> we keep telling people to go to the job shop page. go to our home page at right now we have it on our main page but you can find it every day in a couple of places. one up here at job shop and then down here you can see the job shop. and our web guru is taking us through this. here is the job shop home page. a couple of things important this morning, right here is our chat room which is happening right here. we have two folks helping out.
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one of them is a head hunterring dealing with accounting and finance and the other works with i.t. professionals or specializing in ex offenders. that's going on until 9:00 today. but let me show you a couple of things we do every day here on the job shop page. let's take a look at our job of the day. we post a new job every day at 8:00. but today because we're doing our special we posteone today already. it is a hair stylist at unique image beauty salon and that will give you information as to the job of the day. we change this every day. let's go back to its main job shop page and show you what else you can find. if you scroll down, we have featured d.c. jobs of the day. these are ones in the past that haven't been posted yet and other good jobs throuout the area that we wanted to highlight. it's a quick way to find jobs we found of employers. and if you're an employer, and
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you're looking for an employee, you can submit your job posting. can you fill out that information. that will put it up on our data brace and folk -- our data base and then you can have access to that and then if you extol down, you can find job tips. we'll put all of these links in one place. this is not just for today, this will stay up here on our website, job search tips, resume tips and job stories as wellnd so all of tht information will be on our permanent page when you search for the job shop page and that is accessible in three different ways from our home page at back up stairs to you. >> steve, thank you. 7:21 right now. key endorsements are handed out in the virginia governor race. just ahead on fox 5 morning news, two influential groups are split on who they are backing. and plus as we learn about improvements to cell phone reception at metro's underground stations we will get an idea how long operators will use manual controls. and later, a huge
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democrat creigh deeds have gotten the legislative black caucus. republican bob mcdonnell got the support of the virginia association of realtors. that gup has donated 1 is $.6 million over the past four years, 62% went to republicans. soon metro can talk on their cell phone. at&t and sprint and t-mobile will have cell service. verizon customer have that. and the trains will operate in manual mode now indefinitely now until all of the problems related to the deadly crash in
7:26 am
june will be fixed. passengers should expect continued longer waits since manual mode moves slower. and d.c. schools getting ready to head back to class. and up next we'll talk with d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee. and as we go to break, experts are staffed this morning to answer your questions on how to make the most of your job search. call the phone bank at 2202-895- 3307 or go to and you can look at job postings online and just go to the job shop link at the top of the home page.  did you know that 75% of growing kids
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breaking flews iraq. at least 75 people have been killed. more than 300 hurt in a series of bomb attacks around bagdad. the explosions have happened near the iraqi foreign and finance ministry. officials say the toll of dead and wounded is expected to go up. police are investigating after the owner of a 24 hour pizza shop in northeast d.c.
7:30 am
was found dead behind locked doors. the victor is shan buddha from -- the victim is shanna buddha. his brother called police after he couldn't get inside. and the next stop from finding a job. making the most of interviews and the resume. >> and that's where the panel of experts come in. join in on the call by dialing 202-895-3307. again the number on the screen. >> also a web chat going on right now on with a couple of head hunters. that is through 9:00 this morning. so you have about 90 minutes to still either get through on the phone lines or on our web chat online. 78 degrees and i dare say, what, 98% humidity? >> it's nasty out there. >> dew point temperatures are running in the 70s. it's guaranteed to be a bad
7:31 am
hair day. the next couple of days we'll have a tropical air mass so it will take a couple of days to get drier air in here. >> it's the ultimate staycation. you go outside and you're somewhere tropical. >> that's exactly right. >> you could be in florida, if you wanted to be. i want to start with anicbill. and it continues to get more impressive by the hour. this storm is cranking on all cylinders and you can see the satellite radar depicting a very, anvery healthy rmsto. yesterday they sent a hurricane hunter out toand they found win with the system were at about 135 mile-per-hour, and now we have sustained winds. this is a category four storm with gusts over 150. that means a category four hurricane. yesterday is passed over buoy and they found storm waves in excess of 55 feet.
7:32 am
so off to the north and west, water temperatures are high and it will continue to be intense over the next 24 hours. let's talk about the track of hurricane bill. although it is a very strong major hurricane here in the atlantic basin, it is not forecast to hit any land areas. as it pushes off to the north, it will eventually recurve out to sea it looks like. so it will squeeze between bermuda and the eastern seaboard out to the west. if you're heading down to the beach this weekend, we'll have swells from the carolinas up into cape cod. that is the big danger with bill here. and let's move on to washington weather. and storms have come in overnight. and very tropical out there. and more showers and thunderstorms out to the west. those will get in here this afternoon. i think we'll see scattered showerand thunderstorms return any time after that, about 2:00 or 3:00 this
7:33 am
afternoon. 77 here in washington. 78 in fredericksburg. 77 down at patuxent naval air station. mix in the humidity and it's very uncomfortable for us as we see high temperatures at about 90 or so. again scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected to return later. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. there is the five-day forecast, which features more of the same. thursday, any and saturday, showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. by sunday, cooler and drier air compliments of canada and that 85 will feel greet with lower humidity on saturday afternoon. and let's get to on-time traffic with julie wright. you talk about the swells, hatteras, that's great for the boogie boarders but dangerous. >> and watch the little ones too. out on the roads, no accidents to report southbound 270 out of rockville toward the split. you are at speed leaving germantown headed for the lane divide. southbound baltimore-washington
7:34 am
parkway between 198 and 197, a slowdown off the road to the shoulder. the bw parkway runs smoothly into northeast. slowing at the third street tunnel. this is north of 66. all lanes are open but traffic will slow leaving tysons. northbound 95 slow up to swing street on 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we talk about summer winding down but for students in d.c. public schools it is. the lazy days of summer in the single-digits as we are less than a week away from the start of the school year. >> michelle rhee joins us now with important information before kids head back to school. and we were talking about it earlier and we asked you off camera, are you ready? >> we are ready. books are in schools and we're fully staffed with teachers and
7:35 am
principals. we have sent schedules out to our secondary schools and our buildings, we are getting the air-conditioning ready for this heat. so we are definitely ready. >> one of the challenges is making sure students and parn -- parents are ready. and changes to the immunization this year. can you talk about what parents need to know. >> yes. we have six new immunizations this year. so on top of the five we already had, we have an additional six. we need folks to get out to their doctors offices, and we also have a partnership with the department of health, they are running some immunization clinics for us over the course of the next few days. so on thursday, friday and saturday. thursday and saturday at four of the schools at ballu at kelly miller, at kramer middle school and at coolidge high school. they're running clinics. and on friday it's at the georgia afternoon clinic and
7:36 am
some existing clinics staying open later as well in cooperation with this? >> yes. we have all of the information posted on our website so parents can have access to as many different links as possible. >> and we'll link you there. and the chancellor mentioned the clinic hours are extended and we'll put that on our website at so it's a one-stop shop. >> and an effort, which it is an effort to rebuild the schools, and on this weekend you have the beautification process. what are you asking the public to do and can the public get involved in the 114 locations or so? >> absolutely. we have 114 schools open for beautification day. we have 2100 volunteers already signed up and ready to go. target is sponsoring the whole event which we're excited about. the white house is sending out about 250 volunteers, the washington capitals are
7:37 am
the schools. we have the jordanian embassy that has decided to forego the big gala and give back to the community, so they're sponsoring one of the beautification days on the hill. so we're very excited. and we would love to have more volunteers out. it requires people coming out on saturday morning. >> it's 8:00 to 1:00? >> that's right. >> and you can find an hour to get out. >> at any neighborhood school or any other school. we have all of the information on our websitement it's a lot of trash cleanup, it's a lot of painting, planting flowers, that sort of thing. but the feedback that we've gotten from people who have participated in this in the past is that they've been really excited about it. >> i know you're excited about the changes you've seen in a positive nature, and which was your goal, to improve the test scores we've seen throughout the district. resultsame in. not every school improved but some of the improvements were
7:38 am
dramatic and burnie elementary, you're talking about reading levels going to 72%. and math, 0% back in 2008, improving to 36%. what do attribute the double- digit gains to? >> it's a testament of what our kids are capable of doing if we have high expectations for them. i think our teachers and principals and the parents put in a tremendous amount of work. i think there is a different kind of focus on student achievement that there hasn't been before and we're just pleased overall with the efforts of everyone involved. there is never one thing can you point to and say this is the reason why it happened but we're pleased with the progress we've made. >> but still there are challenges that lie ahead. how do you keep the focus now and continuing to improve? >> i think for us, it's talking about the overall numbers. so even though we have grown by
7:39 am
20 percentage points in the last two years, when it comes to our proficiency rates, still more tan half of our -- more than half of our kids are not on proficiency and that's a minim standard we need to have for our kids. and we need to find where our children are compared to their peers in other citys across the country and in other countries across the globe. who they will compete with for jobs in the lo-term. so when we look at how we're doing compared to those groups, we're still far behind. >> there was some criticism by parents and teachers and i'm trying to think of a better word than threat, but there was a mandate that teachers will be tested if they don't perform well, they will be replaced, not fired from the system, but moved around. how would you characterize your relationship as you move into the new school year with the
7:40 am
teachers union and the morale of teachers -- teachers as well. >> well i think it's been mischaracterized. even though we haven't come to an agreement, we have a good relationship. i meet with george parker regularly. in fact i spend more time with george in some cases. and we've worked together on a couple of initiatives to really make sure that we're supporting teachers aallnd you made the li that's pretty impressive. >> thank you. i think it's a testament to the mayor and his leadership and also to just the entire community and the efforts that they've put behind the progre that we've seen in the district. >> it doesn't help. do you feel this is something to show we are doing something that is working or something that we can use as a spring board for future development? >> think one of the things that excited people the most is that finally d.c. is on the map when it comes to education and not if a negative way but people are saying, this is a city that
7:41 am
is really on the move, where lots of exciting things are happening when it comes to education reform and i think we're in the spotlight when it comes to sort of the fashional -- the national movement. >> michelle rhee, thank you for being with us and thanks for taking the time out. >> good luck on monday for the first day. >> thank you. he is one of the nfl all time players, but -- >> brett favre leaving some fans bitter. and strasberg is officially in uniform, but when we will see him? that's coming up next.
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what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come.
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pnc. leading the way.
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78 -- 7:44 right now. checking out the commute. that is the american legion bridge. >> that looks like it's better. >> i think it's worse. >> at least you can see the lines now. >> maybe it's just because the river. >> the river is not helping matters. the water temperature is cooler. we have so much moisture in the air that we'll have a humid day today. it will be sultry. >> yes. let's look at it that way. >> i like to keo l calmyit>> st
7:45 am
s it will bamete ireshowers and thunderstorms in the forecast. leetgle rt ghtio it. 77 degrees. i got her v yerlarey this morning and at about 4:00 this morning it y ws 78 degrees. >>that's what it says right now. >> right. so it never cooled off overnight. >> now it's 77. >> so you get the idea. t the stage for a warm afrn aotendon aa lot of tropic air off head and high temperatures at about 90 so yesayrd a a record high temperature at dulles. itas 98. it won't be that warm today. there is your satellite radar. and showers and thunderstorms, not everybody got it. have strong storms move through during the 8:00 hour mo they've pushed off the coast. out to the west, they have more cloud cover and more showers and thunderstorms which will develop a little later today. all compliments of the cold front. and unlike other storms, it will fall apart. so our showers and storms will persist not only today but for
7:46 am
the next several days. we'll be hazy, hot and humid, with afternoon showers and thunderstorms returning each day. eventually, as we get into the weekend, things will improve around here by sunday. but there is your five-day forecast. 90 this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. any time after about 2:00 today. thursday, friday and saturday, more of the same. sunday, 85 and sunshine and lower humidity. early next week looks good. feeling like early fall. >> looking forward to it. >> cooling down to 85 and sun for julie wright. >> perfect. i love it. busy southbound along 270, and the crash in rockville south of shady grove. the accident activity is tieing up the left side of the highway as you can see. traffic coming south squeezing by. this wreck occurred in the main line along 270 and traffic is jammed up southbound south of 370 toward the lane divide. the outer loop slows into the work zone at telegraph. again, all lanes are open.
7:47 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well, it's hurry up and wait for the nats and new pitcher stephen strasburg. before a rush to sign him before the mid light deadline, they will wait until he started the rotation. the general manager mark rizos says it's unlikely he'll be called up to the major this is season. and over to football now, where the nfl is acting to the biggest nonsurprise of the new season, perhaps. brett favre has unretired, again. this time joining the minnesota vikings, the rival of the green bay packers. the three-time nfl mvp will turn 40 years old this season. even though hmissed training camp, he will play in the vikings preseason game on friday. it is 7:48 right now. and time to check in with our holly morris. >> she is spending the morning at the national zoo. they are getting ready for a big celebration.
7:48 am
>> fine job, this morning. >> what is that, holly? >> reporter: this job is a bunch of -- oh, hi. we're live at elephant stalls this morning and we are working to clean things up because they are gearing up for a huge celebration for you and your family. and the agent elephant. we're going to tell you all about it coming up. but have you ever seen a elephant get a bath? we're going to do it live on tv. i think i'm going to need a bath later too. we'll see it coming up. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect...
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7:51 am
want to meet these folks? this motley crew? you're going do get a chance. this weekend you get to chitchat with me and steve and gurvir. we'll be at eastern market on saturday from 10:00 to 1:00. if you don't like us, don't come. if you love us, come on out and say hello. >> we'll see you on saturday. right now may be a good time to get down to the national zoo. they are getting ready for a supersized celebration. >> saturday is asian celebration day and holly is
7:52 am
with an honored guest. holly, you are a trooper. you are scooping poop. >> reporter: did you see the size of that? i didn't need rubber boots, i needed waders. they are gearing up for a big day on saturday. they are celebrating the asian elphants. and of course we want the elephants to look oh, so pretty so here is shanty ready for her bath. i'm going to call in mari because she is in charge here. tell us about the asian elephants and what is going on on saturday. >> it's a special day to draw attention to asian elephants, or elephants in particular, but a lot of people don't know the asian elephants are more highly endangered. there are 35,000 asian elephants left in the world. >> reporter: so we consider our elephants here ambassadors to the rest of the world, to get that message out there? >> absolutely.
7:53 am
we strongly believe if you get to know these elephants you'll care much more about the elephants living in the wild. >> reporter: well let's start giving shanty her bath. and tell me what i can do to help. and now do they bathe every day? >> they get a bath every single day. in the wild they bathe in ponds and lakes as often as they can, usually every day, and when they come out they throw mud and dirt on their backs and scratch it off and this pulls off dead skin. so we'll be the ex folators, and we'll jump in scrub them. >> reporter: so they get in the mud and then come out and get clean. >> exactly. and we'll give her a chance to do that after we're done. reach in there and there's a scrub brush for you. and this is a livestock shampoo and you just scrub hard. it has llano lynn in it. >> reporter: like is this feeling good to her?
7:54 am
>> the skin is sensitive enough that she feels that, but her skin can be from paper thin on her ears to an inch thick in some spots up -- up in here. >> reporter: and how long does shanty's bath take? >> it depends. can he can do it in five minutes or scrub every single inch as well as we can and it could take up to an hour at the most. but its lasting about 15 today. >> reporter: so shanty is the largest elephant here? >> she is the largest. she weighs in about at 9,000 pounds. you can see it there. >> reporter: she's well loved. >> and she's not highly energetic. we have to encourage her to get enough exercise. and you can rub on her face if you look. >> reporter: hello beautiful girl. >> and the scrubbing keeps their skin in good conditions and gets the elephant used to
7:55 am
being touched on every part of their body every day. >> reporter: which is important because there is human interaction. >> and that way we're prepared for medical care she might need. >> reporter: can i do her ear? >> sure. >> reporter: look at that. on your ear. now do the elephas have personalities? >> very much so. they each have very distinct personalities. shanty is very bold and confident, but not highly energetic. but she is a great mom. >> reporter: she's condola's mom. how old is she? >> she's 60 years old and she was rescuedch she had fell into the bottom of a well when she was young and the villages found her there and took her to the elephant orphanage where she was hand-reared and then given as a gift from the children of sri lanka to the united states. >> reporter: i want to make
7:56 am
sure you get rid of these wrinkles. we are we are is our website and we have a link to the zoo and that will tell you about the celebration going on here on saturday afternoon from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00. we told you that shanty is 32. we'll head out into the yard because we have a birthday party going on this morning. am bicca is 61. we'll talk about her in the next hour. back to you. >> i've never seen that before. holly, thank you so much. the key to saving money for back to school might be coupon codes and we'll reveal the best bargains out there online and we'll reveal some. michael vick and the humane
7:57 am
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the death toll continues to arise after a series of explosion in bagdad. afghanistan is already under attack today. and then a local pizza shop turns into a crime scene after one of the owners is found dead inside. we have new details. and prince george's county furloughed workers to save money but now that move may cost the county big time. the furlough have been ruled unconstitutional. we'll find out what that means for the workers in a few minutes. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on that. and we're continuing our job shop phone bank and web chat. you can get free career counseling by calling 202-895- 3307 or by logging on to our website. a team of experts is on hand to answer your questions until 9:00 this morning. the storm force very busy overnight. as thunderstorms rolled through town around midnight and an apartment building in capitol
8:00 am
heights maryland may have taken the worst of it. damage from a large tree branch fell through the roof of the apartment homes. that left a 6 by 6-foot hole. most the damage was done to just one of the apartments. but three families need a new place to stay. no one was hurt. >> that is the good news there. rough night in a really heavy morning. >> a lot of tropical air overhead and we'll do the showers and thunderstorms again this afternoon. i want to start with hurricane bill. it's now a category four. and maximum winds sustained at 135 miles per hour with gusts over 150 and guess what, the forecast here, the official forecast is for the stoom to get stronger. i'll have more details on bill coming up. and let's switch to our weather. and there you go, you ee san an see stactith pushed off the coast and waking up with partly cloudy skies. the clouds will move in latet s and very humid air mass. we'll see showers and
8:01 am
thunderstorms fire up again this afternoon. so bring along an umbrella as not everybody will see the showers, but everybody has a decent chance ofscattered showers and thunderstorms. le grdeees at reagan national. bwi marshall is 75. so our high temperatures today will be cooler being that the cloud cover is thicker today. highs here in washington at about 90 and warmer to the south, about 92 down towards fredericksberg. upper 80s near frederick. >> tucker, thank you very much. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic at 8:00. >> it's busy right now. especially out to the west along 66. we have troubles coming and going both east and westbound on 66. so let's get to it. if you are traveling eastbound on 66, after the exit for northbound 28, that's the ramp that would take you over toward dulles and toward the airport. that's where we have a crash with the right and far left shoulder getting past the
8:02 am
accident scene. again, this is inbound on 66 towards fair oaks and toward vienna with a backup leaving manassas. if you look off to the left, another crash on the westbound side and that's what is tieing up the left side of the road with only the right lanes able to get through. so we have double trouble east and westbound in the vicinity in centerville. it is a tough commute out of manassas and a tough ride for those leaving 7100 headed out bound on 66 towards fauquier county. the beltway runs smoothly between annandale and merrifield with no incidents to report. southbound 270, the crash tieing up the left side in the main line. a lot of folks bailed ott using the local lanes as an alternate and now they are jammed leaving rockville toward the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we begin with two big stories from overseas. a series of explosions in bagdad have killed at least 75 people and -- an injured more than 500. the first attack happened near
8:03 am
the finance ministry and then minutes later near the foreign ministry. and in afghanistan, three militants were killed in kabul after a bank was taken over by menned arms. there has been a wave of violence, one day bere the presidential election. six election workers were killed in another attack. taliban says 20 armed suicide attackers are in kabul but that claim has not been confirmed. now to our murder history -- mystery here at home. a body of a 44-year-old pizza owner was found yesterday on the floor of his 24-hour pizza shop on 4th and rhode island in northeast. his brother and co owner of the shop showed up and called police because the doors were locked. it was shocking for those who knew him.
8:04 am
>> i went in there and bought my icy drinks and he was always nice to me. >> they're very hard-working people. that's terrible. that shouldn't happen to nice people like that. >> homicide detectives are figuring out how he died and who is responsible and why the doors were locked. a teacher in prince william county will be spending part of the school year behind bars. shannon patterson is accused of inappropriately touching school children last year. and he also sent inappropriate texts to students. a subcontractor doing work for the transit agency died after being injured on the job. this happened yesterday while installing a generator at the
8:05 am
bus garage. the investigation shows he was electric outed. metro has yet to fix all of the problems from the train crash in june and until it does, thed to ora to operate manually. they move slower that way and so ridercan expect continued longer wait times. metro spent the night repairing a cracked rail line discovered during a routine inspection yesterday. the cracd rail forced trains to share a track while a temporary fix was put in place. more budget comes -- cuts coming to virginia. tim kaine planned to cut $1.3 million today. meantime in, prince george's county, a big move to close the budget gap there may have backfired. thousands of workers were furloughed to save the county cash but they may get the money
8:06 am
any way. a judge has declared the furloughs unconstitutional. sarah simons is live with more details now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. this is quite a milestone for county employees who have been filed against it for months. the unpaid furloughs they've been forced to take due to the economic downturn. as you said, a federal judge ruled yesterday that what prince george's county did violated the constitution. now the decision to furlough workers may end forcing its county to repay million of dollars in back wages. this affects 5900 employees here in the county. the judge ruled the county violated the contract with the union by turning to furloughs. this is prince george's county firefighters ab police officers meeting with the county council months ago and debating this issue that has been a sore spot. the county says it plans to appeal the judge's ruling. the county spokesperson says
8:07 am
the decision will lead to massive layoffs. the county also claim it's was just trying to save jobs and that includes jobs of a lot of police and firefighters that we have been talking about. but in this ruling, judge alexander williams said they could have found other ways to trim the budget during the economic crisis by taking bits and pieces from other areas of the budget as well. several unions filed the suit and say they are pleased with the outcome, that is including the fraternal order of the police. they say they are pleased with the outcome and are having to go back to the table with the county as well as the union to talk about what kind of refunding of the monies will be done from here, something they expect to do within the next ten days. allison, back to you. >> sarah, thanks. i know they're looking to repay them, but will they have to put in the time for work? >> reporter: what was that? >> will they have to do the
8:08 am
work? if they were furloughed, will the county work for work in return? >> that's something we have a call into prince george's county spokesperson to try to figure out what this will mean from here? i think that's something that will come up in the negotiations and something that may still need to be hammered out. but we'll let you know and have the latest details coming up on midday at 11:00. >> thank you, sarah. if you're out of work, you o ur ojob of the day ism cog up -- it coming up next. and call our job shop phone bank or log on to our web chat at 202-895-3307. glad for the next 50 minutes or so. and then the key to saving money this school year may be in coupon codes. we'll reveal some of the best bargains out there when we come back. stay with us. it's 8:10 now. your pet makes lots of friends.
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now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. we've been talking about it all morning. h y 5ngetpiou gf a job.
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8:13 am
you know what time it is? >> cute factor time. >> it is the my first 5 photo of the day. and -- he's cute. >> this is deangelo, on his first trip to the beat. >> he could be my little boy too. >> you say that a lot. >> i don't. deangelo, your wonderful. >> let the fantasy continue. >> go to and click on mornings. > detohebeach this weekend, be ready for heavy waves and riptides as rcane bill is passing tr es ohetwan thater es rmon the w 97degrees at reagan national. we are 80 degrees in cape hatteras. boston. gh, north caroli very mild start to the day. o lot opaic m asirs veoadrhea e
8:14 am
wilrint tansho te moowre shers and thunderstorms by mid to late afternoon. there is your satellite radar. sunshine to start the da the showers from last night have pushed up the coast. you can sethe g bigrenobg l b in the ldark yelw and red. but that's off to the coast. but out in west virginia we have more showers and thunderstorms developing and tail crisscross the mounts and -- the mountains later today. and if you like this weather, you'll love the next couple daves. thursday, friday and saturday, high temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. lots of humidity and haze as well. by sunday, we'll get a drier air mass in here and high temperatures only in the middle 80s. that will feel like a taste of fall. i guarantee you sunday afternoon the air will be much drier. let's get to your on-time traffic and julie wright. there she is. >> you always say there she is. like i'm suppose to be
8:15 am
somewhere else. >> well i'm glad to see you. >> if everybody else felt the same way. >> you can work on that. and 95 activity pulled over to the shoulder, and look how slow this ride is. eastbound 66 stacking up before siness 234 eastbound into 7100, fair oaks and in toward vienna. so a big mess on the eastbound side but the accident activity on the shoulder. to the top left on your screen, that's the wreck on the westbound side. so westbound 66 from centreville intoanassas, we have a crash tieing up the two left lanes. big delays from fair oaks westbound on 66. so uble trouble between 66 and fair oaks. southbound 270, accident activity cleared. and southbound on the brakes before 270 through rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the president will appear in a back to school television special to promote the value of
8:16 am
education. kelly clarkson and lebron will take part in the 30-minute documentary that will appear next week. d.c. public school student have five days until they head back to class and mishle re says schools are ready for the arrival monday. fully staffed with teachers and principals and equipped with books. in addition to the five required immunizations, there are six others. she joined us this morning in studio to talk about that. >> that's a heavy lift for parents. we need parents to get out to the doctor offices and we have a partnership with t department of health running some immunization clinics for us over the next few days. >> for information on immunization requirements and free clinics that she talked about, you can go to we'll getting the region ready to go back to class because tomorrow we speak to dr. jerry wees, superintendent of public
8:17 am
schools. and the average family going back to school is going to spend about $550 on school supplies this year. this is according to the national retail federation, but according to the aol shopping editor, you can save some money and you might want to find some coupon codes to do so. so brandy smith joins us this morning with that information. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> we were just chatting about the tax-free back to school holiday might push some people to do online shopping this year. >> if you are looking for deals, there is plenty out there. there is still plenty to be had. you can save on backpacks, 25% off, janes sport, high sierra are some to name a few. >> and who doesn't need a backpack. and we'll run through some of the coupon codes and more so we'll tell you some of the websites. we'll link them together at the end so you can find what the codes are because some of them you will need a code to get
8:18 am
through. this one you don't. school supplies though, office depot, you found some good deals there, i love office depot. they have a dollar section, so just for 99 cents you can get notebooks, folders, pens and pe for -- for 99 cents. >> and if you're talking back to school shopping for shoes, this is one of your vorite websites. >> it is. piper web line. you can checkup to 70% off on boys and girls shoes. and you can stock up on them. >> and maybe some adults can find some stuff on there too. and this one you don't need a code for. but just up to 70% off. school uniforms, this is big in so many plays, in private and public schools. >> so many schools are doing school uniforms so if you need to grab a few items, children's place has 24% off.
8:19 am
>> and this one does have a coupon code on the bottom there fa79. >> and that's to save an additional 15%. >> on top of the 25%? >> yes. >> pottery barn kids. how can they help us out? >> they have -- they're known for personalized gifts. check them out for backpacks, lunch packs, luggage for kids going off to school in the fall. a great place for 25% off. >> and amazon, we hear so much about because you can get anything on amazon that you would want. i like this special going on because i'm a music lover and this can help me out if i want to dread the back to school, but get something out of it as well. >> so if you love music, they are giving away $5 of mp3s if you buy $75 worth of text books. and that's about an al bum wort
8:20 am
music. >> and, back to campus sale. >> up to 40% off for all back to school supplies and any kids going to dorms. >> and something else is a triple-a card. how can this help? >> that's right. if you have a triple-a advantage card, you can save 10% at gap and banana republic. >> so the additional 70% off. >> at the outlets. >> and then old navy having some sales for clothes. >> yes. denim jeans is a hot staple for fall. $19 for all women's and men's jeans. >> and you need a code for new >> it is buy one get one free all pants and jeans. >> and free is always a good thing. so here is what we'll do. brandy, thank you so much. i know you guys at aol were scouring the best deals. we'll put all of those coupon codes that you saw there in one
8:21 am
place on our website, go to and look under web links to pull up the coupons and we'll link you to the aol website. allison. >> i know it's back to school, but it's good for adults. i'm writing that down. if you are lucky, you won't have to worry about collecting coupons, and the national lottery $250 million. and the national zoo gearing up for a celebration and a big birthday as well. it's 8:22 right now. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. explain.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
this story always pops up. this time in mexico city, where fans gathered to practice the thriller moves. on his birthday fans will gather to participate in the
8:25 am
dance hall. that was fun when the teacher came in to show us how to do it. also on saturday jackson will be buried in a private ceremony at the l.a. ceremony, only family and close friends are invited to attend. the man under investigation for the michael jackson death is breaking his silence. >> i have done all i can do. i have told the truth and i have faith the tomb will prevail. >> dr. conrad murray posted a video on you tube. police are investigating whether he gave jackson a powerful sedative that may have led to his death. michael vick and the humane society teaming up to stop dogfighting. >> the president and ceo of the humane society joins us live. and then you still have inform han hour left to get
8:26 am
free career counseling by calling our phone bank or web chat. the phone number is on your screen. the website is our website, it's also on the web, we have a long list of job ownings for you. click on the job shop tab near the top of the home page. we will be right back. it's 8:27. ( sighs )
8:27 am
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8:29 am
the health care debate takes a religious turn today. this afternoon the president will hold a conference call with faith leaders to discuss reforming health insurance in america. cervical cancer vaccine gardasil facing safety concerns. a new study shows more than 12,000 side affect have been reported. among the more than 7 million doses that have been given, nearly 800 side affects were labeled serious and 32 deaths among recipients have been
8:30 am
reported. still unclear if the deaths were directly linked to gardasil. if you're feeling lucky, you might want to pick up some lottery tickets because you have two chances to win over $250 million. the powerball is worth $250 million and you can get the tickets in the district. and the megamillions is wor $2,007,000,000 and you can pick up those tickets in virginia or maryland. these days many americans feel lucky to have a job. neo are one of the millions out of work you can find openings on our website at click on the job shop tab near the top of the home page. then before you apply for the new job, get tips on improving your resume by calling our job bank hotline or log on to our web chat. the phone number 202-895-3307, the website is it is 8:32 right now. we want to check in with tucker once again and find out what is
8:31 am
gaining strength out in the atlantic as tucker says is one good looking storm. >> and the best part about it, it won't impact land for the next couple of days. hurricane bill, maximum winds now 135 miles per hour with gusts to 150. you can see that is a very impressive hurricane and temperatures off to the north and west running in the low 80s. so this storm will stay as intense as it is this hour if not more intense and it could gain strength in the next 24-48 hours. and it will go between bermuda and the coast of the united states and this is very good news because this is a dangerous storm at this hour. and to washington weather, and again we're waking up with some humidity out there. and 79 degrees at reagan national. it's 80 in fredericksberg. patuxent naval air station 79. a lot of humidity. a tropical air mass across the washington area and that will
8:32 am
induce more showers and thunderstorms by afternoon. so bring along an umbrella if you're going to be outdoors over the next couple of hours. showers and thunderstorms out to the coast, that's a weak cold front and the showers and thunderstorms will return later on today. there is your forecast. plenty of clouds and thunderstorms. that will do it for your forecast. let's get to julie wright with our on-time traffic. what we're talking about right now is 66. that seems to be the hot spot because we have had accidents east and westbound on the highway. eastbound traffic still jammed up out of manassas from business 234 eastbound toward 28. the accident activity completely cleared as you can see and the wreck that occurred on the westbound side has been moved over to the shoulder, so the lanes are open once again westbound on 66, but you'll find slow traffic as you travel in from 7100. so a lot of slowdowns between manassas and the exits there in
8:33 am
fair oaks. no accidents to report south on 270. traffic still heavy and slow from germantownowd to shady grove with an earlier accident moved to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it is 8:34 right now. a water main break as a 12-inch main broke in the 100 block of a washington hotel near reynold street. the street is closed from the 100 block to duke street. >>more than $4,000 has been raised to treat a injured do trooper was discovered in a dumpster in d.c. verely injured after being involved in a illegal dog fight. the money was raised for the washington humane society. illegal dogfighting was thrust into the national headlines
8:34 am
after the arrest of michael vick. the humane society became one of vick's biggest critics but now they are working tock. wayne bisselly, the president and the ceo of the humane society of the united states, is here with us. thank you for being with us this morning. thank you for the hard work you do for those that cannot speak for themselves. >> thank you. it is something i feel about. >> and you said michael vick admits that what he did to dogs was cruel and barbaric and now he wants to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem and you go on to say we look forward to working together to combat the dogfighting problem in philadelphia where he's been signed and nationwide why are you reaching out in
8:35 am
this way? >> well, allison, we were his toughest critic. we have a zero tolerance for any dog or cock fighting or malicious animal cruelty, but we applauded the judge's strict penalty in this case. to help fighting of animals and killing of poor performing dogs. it showed how wide spread it is. but we think we need toe pivot -- to pivot away from vick and focus on a larger problem. there are more than 100,000 people involved in illegal dogfighting across the country. hundreds of thousands of dogs are victimized and we need creative solutions. we do busts every week, but one growth area is young tee and young men in urban communities.
8:36 am
we thought vick, after he approached us and wanted to be part of the solution, might reach some of the kids. >> there are going to be critics that all you have to do is turn on any talk radio station and say this man should enjoy no -- basically no career now after this and also no forgiveness from the public because of the cruel acts that he did. how do you answer those people? >> well, you know, a lot of people were pleased when he gave $1 million to care for the dog that's were rescued from bad news kennels and i see this as part of his continuing sacrifice and his now commitment to help with the problem that he helped to foster. i think this is community service. sometimes you have ex-con victs who are obligated to do community service work and we went to chicago and we went to atlanta and we plan to go to cities across the country to reach kids that have pit bulls for the wrong reasons. they have them as a walking weapon or a macho display or a fighting instrument and we call it street fighting and it's just in infecting our
8:37 am
communities. we need to have people like michael, ex dog fighters, say look at me and look at how far i fell. we need to be good to animals and care for them and a lot of kids may not have heard that. and they may not listen to me, but they might listen to him, and you have a program to end dogfighting and it's powerful to see the images of most men with the dogs at an obedience school, loving their dogs and teaching them constructive behavior, it has to be powerful for you. >> it is. and some of the best advocates are the ex dog fighters. kids drawn into the quick sand and we pulled them out and now she see dogs as companions and friends. and we don't say don't do it, we give them behavior training, the dogs that is, and the agility training so the kids can see that the dogs can still be fabulous and use their athletics for the good. >> and i would like to
8:38 am
backtrack because you said cock fighting. and this is really a cultural thing. it's been -- the history in america of doing this, and the message is there is zero tolerance for any sort of cruelty inflicted on animals. >> staged fights between animals, can we get past this as a society? can't we find something better to do than watch animals rip each other apart and then gamble on the outcome. this is why we've been going state by state and also in the congress to felony level penalties for this conduct. yet it remains very widespread. but i think with the vick case raising awareness and with our campaign at the humane society, driving it forward, we're going to eradicate this. >> and if you think your neighbor might be engaged in this behavior, is it as simple as making a phone call to the humane society or a local chapter. >> and we have a national tip line. we get tips and information all
8:39 am
of the time. and we pay $5,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of an illegal animal fighter. >> and we know money talks. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> -- ontinue your good work. >> thank you so much. and it's the summer session but virginia lawmaker have to go back to work early today. we'll tell you why when we come quick remquick reminder, we are offeringre frcareeer counseling for the canext 20 minutes or so. just log on to our oror or call our job shop phone bank. 8he phone numb2- i-s 95 07. we'll check back in with pose folks in -- those folks in a few minutes. the website is stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back after this. w
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the top of the home page. we have a web chat going on until 9:00 and a lot of other tips that are on the home page as well. virginia law enforcements will return to richmond today for a special session. they'll respond to u.s. supreme court rulings that have resulted in cross cases jeopardize and drug and dui cases. prosecutors must make forensic examiners available for defense cross-examination at the special session, lawmakers will get an update on the state budget problems as well. two people gunning for governor cain's job. creigh deeds got the black caucus and bob mcdonnell got the association of realtors endorsement. richard hatch is now back behind bars. details on what happened when we check out the other stories making headline this is morning. >> plus we'll join holly at the national zoo where they will gear up for asian elephantay.
8:44 am
holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and you are looking at the two supersized superstars. and you recognize shanty, see how clean she is and on the right is amicca's birthday. we're going to tell you how you and your family can come out and be a part of tons of fun here at the national zoo next here on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ( birds chirping )
8:45 am
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[ ship horn blows ] 8:48 this morning. the university of pittsburgh will not accept money from a murderer. george soldiney left $285,000 to his alma mater. he was the man who shot and killed three people and hurt nine others before turning the gun on himself at a pennsylvania health club this month. >> survivor winner richard hatchback behind bars. federal officials arrested him
8:48 am
yesterday hours after he gave a morning show interview. he claimed the judge in his tax evasion case discriminated against him because he is gay. he was convicted in 2006 for not paying taxes on the $1 million he won on the first season of the hit reality show. allison, this is the hope diamond, getting a new setting for it's anniversary, to celebrate the 50 years that the blue gem has spent at the stith sewnan. harry winston jewelers is designing three possible new settings so it will go on display next month until the new setting is year. it is the first time the diamond will be on display. >> how beautiful. sri lanka and india teaming up with the national zoo this weekend. >> and holly morris is learning what is going on on the asia elephant day celebration. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there will be a lot going on on
8:49 am
saturday, for you to enjoy and celebrate all that the asian elephants have to offer here at the national zoo. and they are coming over to be on tv with us to show their best sides. in the yard with me, i should say, besides these two, is tony bargeel who is the curator for large mammals. so let's talk about what is going on on saturday and the importance of the day. >> great. yeah. well saturday we're celebrating the asian elephants and there is so much to talk about here. we want to talk to people and help bring people in to celebrate with us, to talk about the conservation stories and the important research here at the zoo and in the range countries. >> and why should we care? >> well we care about them because they are amazing animals. there are only 35-50,000 asian elephants left in the wild. >> reporter: which is not a lot. >> it is not a lot.
8:50 am
they are disappearing quickly and they are critically in danger -- endangered and we want everybody to come be a part. >> reporter: and so when people are here on saturday, there will be plenty of people to talk to and engage? other than just coming and looking at them, what will go on? >> repo >> we have members from the sri lanka, thailand and the indian embassies coming out and celebrating their cultures and where asian elephants live. there will be sri lankan dancers and everything else. >> reporter: so we'll learn about the culture. >> exactly. >> reporter: and let's learn about our supersized superstars. here is shanty, she looks beautiful after our bath and on the left is our birthday girl. >> yes. am eeka is turning 61. she was bosh in he wild so we don't know her specific
8:51 am
birthday, but we know she's 61 years old which is ripe old age for an elephant. >> reporter: how lock do -- long do they live? >> that's one reason why we're studying them, because we don't know that simple norm about asian elephants. so we think in general they live into the late 50s and i thinks that probably fairly accurate. at 61, she is an old elephant but we know they are capable of living beyond that. >> reporter: and with that, we have a special surprise. >> we have a special surprise for her. >> reporter: there it is. tell me about this birthday cake here. >> well this birthday cake is made in our commissary and it was made with fruit, dies --
8:52 am
dyes or water coloring. parts of the diet put together creatively. some of the red is beet pulp, probably the little red apple biscuits that we feed them when we're training her, and things that are safety in there offered to help celebrate her birthday. >> reporter: i can see she is just dying for it. it was like a stampede. >> she's crazy about it. well at 61 she has her own taste. she's taking her time. she takes everything in stride. >> i'm thinking that nothing about the elephants is quick. >> no. see, that's a sign she's enjoying her cake. >> reporter: and in terms of personality, i've been reading she's a social butterfly. >> she's one of the heart of our group. at 61 she's thriving. she's a testm to the commitment -- a testm to the commitment we
8:53 am
have here and we're excited to be percent of the celebration. >> and she shares with others. she's aring her birthday cake with shabby. >> you can come tell her happy birthday yourself from 10:00 until 4:00 on saturday here at the zoo. and it doesn't cost anything to get in. come on out. >> and that is the best price k you, holly. it is now 6 minut before 9:00. up next, we'll get a look at our hoinand umfor id hrecast. and yor ouid car ou phone bank or log on to our web chat. the mbi nuos hen t screen. or log on and look for our job shop page. fox 5 morning news will be right back after this. c. my name is chef michl.
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all right. welcome back, everybody. more haze and more heat an humidity later on today. let's look at the five-day forecast. showers and thunderstorms return by later this afternoon. bring along an umbrella if you'll be out and about. the next several days, this air mass will sit overhead. thursday and friday and saturday, more showers and thunderstorms and cooler by sunday. that's it for your forecast. let's go to allison and steve over in theon bank. >> thank you so much. we want to give you a final chance to get some of your phone calls into our job shop phone bank this morning. and before we talk to some of them, we want to thank everybody who came out to volunteer. kathleen kirk, cornell dick hampton and carolyn here and steve saw and terrell waller who have been helping us out with the web chat on well a huge help for so many people here this morning. >> i was hoping to find out what kind of phone calls we were getting. we can jump in with carolyn. >> and a lot of people are
8:58 am
looking for a way to get the perfect job and successful resume writing and you have authored two books about this. what kind of phone calls have you been getting? >> we have been getting calls about what to say in interviews and retired people wanting to go back to work. i assume that's because we're retire -- we're losing retirement. and i've had questions about part-time work and people who are looking for part-time employees have a hard time people -- finding people who want to work part-time. >> but these are people who are looking for that. >> and there are a lot of people out there who want to do that and you want
8:59 am

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